It’s been twenty-five years of non-stop musicmaking and stage-stomping for the WONDERbrothers of Joburg, and there’s no sign of stopping. This gang of four continuously strive to outperform the last version of themselves by always creating, reinventing, and nurturing the chemistry they share on and off stage, acknowledging that the WONDERboom organism is greater than the sum of its parts. Celebrating their 25th anniversary, the band have personally selected their favourite WONDERboom tracks, creating a compilation of songs aptly titled WONDERboom 25. Spanning from their tender formative years to now, this re-mastered collection includes all the hits you’ve come to love over the years plus brand new single, Prodigal Son. “The privilege of being in this band, making music with these brothers is all I need to celebrate 25 years of WONDERBOOM and an album full of beautiful music to mark it.” Comments guitarist Martin Schofield Bassist Wade Williams adds, “WONDERboom 25!!! A chronical of our beautiful lives together. Band, Family, Fans!! What an awesome occasion to celebrate. WONDERboom 25 is out today via South Africa’s leading independent label Just Music. In addition to the album, the band are working on an upcoming documentary, capturing their illustrious story named, WONDERboom: 25 to Life, directed by Ivyann Moreira-Schofield.